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□ 護理系健康照護越南境外碩士在職專班
Off-shore Master program of Nursing between Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Vietnam and Meiho University 

□ 臺灣教育部核定開班公文Official letter from the Taiwan Ministry of Education 

□ 境外專班課程總表 curriculum of off-shore program 

護理系碩士班課程總表 Curriculum of Master Program of Department of Nursing  

活動照片 Pictures of Activity  

每學年入學學生人數 Number of students enrolled in each academic year  


101 學年度
101 Academic year
102 學年度
102 Academic year
103 學年度
103 Academic year
104 學年度
104 Academic year  
105 學年度
105 Academic year
106 學年度
106 Academic year
107 學年度
107 Academic year

□ Learning Outcomes of Master Program of Department of Nursing